VOX app crashing and not opening


Latest ios software on iPhone 14 and latest VOX app.

App crashes when opening. Please help!!


I think I have this issue too : it keep crashing whenever I try to sort the library by the artist…


I’m having the same problem with my iPhone 13 Pro Max after updated to the VOX latest version, 2.7.11. The app crashes when opening. It was fine when I delete & reinstall the app but when I add in many flac files, the app crashes again & can’t open. Please help!


Same issue, after lates update app start to crash on launch. Simptoms is equal to JY801’s


having issues linking a YouTube song to vox it says “YouTube error the operation couldn’t be complete (XCDYOUTUBEVIDEOERRORDOMAIN ERROR -3) does anyone know why ?


Hi! I am also experiencing the same. VOX app crashing on iOS 16.1.1, iPhone 14 Pro. Pls help advise urgently how this can be resolved. Tks


Hello, having same problem on latest iOS and VOX versions, tried everything, but nothing helps, how this problem can be solved?