VOX 2.6 on Maverics: Audio Units>Presets menu - save as missing prevents saving custom settings



I prefer Apple AUGraphicEQ over VOX Equalizer.
Fortunately it's possible to use it through Audio Units.
Unfortunately it's not possible to save custom presets because "save as" is missing in the presets pop-up menu.
All I can do is to select existing presets, many of them created by myself in AU Lab application.

Yet, when I run very old VOX 0.3 beta 2 on the very same machine I found the "save as" is existing and I can create custom presets that I can use in VOX 2.6.
See screenshots attached.



Teodore, thank You for report.

I will schedule the fix for this problem later this month.

Please feel free to contact if I can be helpful again.


I'm also missing this feature for AU and the EQ.


This problem is still there, as of version 3.2.1. How do I save AU settings in Vox?


Hi there!

Please advice which AU exact we are speaking about? Native Apple AUs are saved automatically.