Volume Slider?


Where is the volume slider on this app? The only way I can see to control the volume are the hardware buttons on the device, which move the volume in “chunks” and don’t allow for fine tuning. Is there a slider, like most apps, including Apple’s music app, have? Is there a gesture to control it?



We’ve decided to exclude the volume slider from VOX (iOS), in order to keep UI minimalistic and not to overwhelm it with none-critical (in our opinion) buttons\sliders.

To be absolutely true, iOS provides you with the possibility of changing the volume by 5% per tick (20 ticks in total, from 0% to 100%), the slider does exactly the same thing. You can test it using native music app or other.

which move the volume in “chunks” and don’t allow for fine-tuning.


I have compared the slider and hardware button clicks in the music app and it seems like the slider makes finer adjustments.