Very disappointing


Good morning,

I just bought and download your software, paid for a full year for cloud storage. First I have to said Sound quality and upload speed are very good compare to must similar option online. I 'm very surprise, they are no editing options, no genre, category etc… to be use. of course no smart playlist as-well.
I have audirvana managing my collection on my house network, Cloudplayer for streaming from Google Drive on my phone. I was hoping to have Vox as a unique way to play music. This is far from any possibilities
I feel your platform is half cook. I’m very disappointed.


Welcome to the club. I’ve been waiting for usable VOX software for ages. They keep promising all sorts of innovations (my simple one big wish is the possibility to sort by date added on osX) but nothing’s happening. I really do not not understand the company’s goals, objectives, and action plans other than making some money besides their “day job”. On the other hand VOX is reasonably priced for what you get and once you get used to its quirky and at times unstable software and servers it remains a good way to listen to lossless music at home and away.


Thanks for your posts!

VOX team stays determined and working on a multiplatform version of the VOX app to introduce the majority of feature requests and fulfill the gap in Cloud Library editing.

Hope we will take an opportunity to share our progress with you very soon!