Various Artist albums


Last night I subscribed to VOX Premium and started uploading music to VOX Cloud.

Just one problem so far. VOX seems to handle single artist albums perfectly. BUT with Various Artist albums there seems no way of having the COMPLETE album with all tracks on it. It seems to split up Various Artist albums and the same album appears multiple times.

This I understand and is good in that you can see what tracks are done by particular artists.

What I am looking for is an ADDITIONAL option to allow me to see all tracks displayed in track order sequence for albums containing Various Artists.

Hope I have explained this clearly enough.

Otherwise looks like a very interesting product.

Thank you


I joined (and uploaded) last night too :slight_smile: I think your answer is actually in the track metadata.
When I ripped the CDs (in XLD) and fiddled with the metadata (in iTunes), I noticed that there are fields for Artist and Album Artist.
Thatā€™s important as, for instance, when I was ripping the Star Wars soundtrack; track 1 is the 20th Century Fox fanfare and itā€™s by Alfred Newman NOT John Williams (like the rest of the CD). By having the artist on that 1 track as Alfred Newman but the Album artist on every track (including that one) as John Williams, it all presents as one album perfectly.
So in your case, you could have the Artist metadata on your tracks as the individual artists BUT the ALBUM artist could literally be ā€˜Various Artistsā€™. That should do it.

There is also a metadata flag for ā€˜Compilationā€™ that should probably help but I havenā€™t tried it in Vox yet.


Yes, you are completely right!

Since VOX is designed to be an audiophileā€™s vinyl shelf, structure-based on id3 tags and bitrate, so if your id3 tags are OK, you just drag and drop music files to VOX and they get to the right place!

Main Tags used for sorting are: Track number, Release Year, Album name, Artist name, etc.
All fields should contain proper inputs and identical inputs like: ā€œArtist - Album Name - Yearā€ to get to one Album in VOX app.

Also, you to create a Collection and group your music files there. You can any track order you would like!

Please see a related topic on our forum: How to tag files properly


Sorry but I think I disagree. My 500+ albums are all correct in metadata. All other players are ok. I donā€™t have the need to go back as edit my data to fit VOX. If you included a ā€˜folderā€™ option that may help. I could browse that way. I spent a lot of time sorting all my flac albums correctly. The library works in onkyo, Hiby etc. I prefer VOX because the interface is cleaner and more up to date and most importantly supports CarPlay. Only VOX breaks up compilation albums into individual tracks/albums. It renders the browse function almost useless. When will a fix or update be announced? A search suggests this has been complained about since the app was created and yet still it exists?


So I just tagged a compilation using MusicBrainz Picard for Mac, uploaded it to VOX Cloud and I am now seeing the entire compilation under a single album. I used the following tags:

Artist: ā€œrealArtistNameā€ (VOX will actually ignore this tag with this method)

Album Artist: ā€œVarious Artistsā€ (I used the name ā€œCompilationsā€)

Album: compilationAlbumName

Track Titles: ā€œrealArtistName - originalTrackTitleā€ (include the trackā€™s artist name so can search for it)

BE SURE TO INCLUDE META TAG FOR TRACK # (so its in correct order)

This will display it as a single album compilation in VOX. The downside is that all compilation tracks will not show up with the real artistā€™s other music. They should still show up with the artist if you search for the artistā€™s name if you browse by Song View (as long as you included the artist name at the beginning of your trackā€™s title).


Thanks for posting your workaround here! We are lucky to have such users!

Yes, it may work as you suggested, by adding Album Artist tag to tracks, however, there is an alternative way to do it!

All you need is to add Compilation tag = 1 to your files and they will be put under Various Artists > Album name automatically.


Oh wow that is much easier! I will give that a try