Uploading repeatedly stalls


Hi, I have been using Vox in trial mode and the 14 days is nearly up. In that time I have only managed to upload 355GB out of approximately 1.3TB of music files - nearly all CD quality or higher resolution.

I thought perhaps Vox was strangling my uploads because my trial period was due to end but I have subscribed for a year and still I cannot get uploading going again. I am uploading from a dedicated Mac Mini music server using an ethernet connection via a rock solid 76mbps connection. I appreciate that upload speeds will be slower but early on I could see the files uploading fairly quickly.

On another note, I also have all my files copied to an external drive attached to my iMac. I was hoping to remove the latter and rely on the content streaming from my uploaded files. That way I only have to keep one set of files locally. If I can't upload my files and do this then the subscription is pretty pointless!

Also is it possible to upload from two Macs simultaneously or singly? This might help to speed the process.




Hi Rich,
Thanks for reaching out.
Can You please describe with more details, what You mean by "Uploading repeatedly stalls..." . What exactly happens? What progress bar (at the bottom of VOX) looks like, when it happens? How did You determine that upload stopped? LOOP icon in menubar was blue or black? 1.3TB music is stored on a local hard drive of Mac Mini, or on an external drive?
Please click the LOOP icon in menubar and take a screenshot. Then click Preferences...-> Account and take screenshot again.

Which method are You using to upload files to LOOP?
Please write step by step guide for all of these questions.

What about upload from two Macs - it's a bad practice and no good will happen. It will not be uploaded any quicker.

Looking forward for Your answer.


I’m experiencing the same thing. Mac OS X, uploading local iTunes Music directory. Goes for a handful of songs, then stops. If I stop the app and re-launch it does a few more.

Also, when I browse VOX Cloud I don’t see album art. How does this get updated?