Upload fails on MacOS and MacUploader


Hey. I am trying premium once more. You got me with the 30% voucher. But I have problems uploading two files. No matter how I try. I already signed out and back in. Here is the error.

PS: Please add StreamOn by German Telekom and Shuffle Albums (not songs)


Same here. Some albums are only partly uploading. Retrying doesn’t help.


Now… 1 is uploaded. The other still outputs the error. So I think it is not my fault.


I’s not your fault. I’m having the same issues. Today also.


Maybe one of the VOX-people can explain why one ore more tracks from an album are not uploading. I tried everything, even re-installing the app on Mac. This happened to me before. Even weeks later it’s not possible to upload certain files.


Now it uploaded. Everything fine. Thank you!


Great! Probably something with the servers. I tried changing some ID3 tags today on files that I couldn’t upload for awhile. Just uploading files with a small change seems to reset the previous uploads and had no trouble anymore…


Have the same issue, somehow some files from the album can’t be uploaded because of the error via any type of upload (vox app, vox uploader, web upload)


We’ve double checked our servers and VOX Uploader and everything is working fine. If the problem still persists, please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to have it sorted!


When it happens to me, I just re-encode those songs, and upload them again. It’s takes a few seconds to do it. It might be something is corrupt in the file.

Just use XLD and re-encode them, in the same codec and quality, and then just upload the new one. It works every time for me.


I am having the same problem-- uploader failing to upload a few FLAC files. . I don’t want to spend any more time trying to fiddle with files, for a workaround for a product to get it to work, when it should work and upload files every time (like all other software that uploads files). I’m out! Canceling and going back to my own Plex server for FLACs.


Starting to think the same way too. Lost a whole load of albums (over a thousand), lots of ‘we’re on it’ emails asking the same dumb question (did you log off and on again?) but still no sign of progress after 4 days. I’m out too.