Update doesn't work


Application closes after I download update and press "Install and restart" button. Update isn't installed when I run application again.

OS X 10.9.5
Vox 2.6 (previous versions had same problem)


Hi Yuriy,

Please try to delete the old version and install the newest VOX with the following link:

Let us know how it goes!


Done it. Now we have to wait for next update to check if it helps?


So, it didn't help?


Version has updated, but I not sure that next update will not have same bug because all previous had.


Let us know if it appears again, please.

Thank you!


OK. Thank you.


2.7.3 had fixed it. Thank you!


Glad to know that! :)

Have a nice day/night!


I tried it today, Jan 21, but I got a 404 error - the update linked page can’t be found.


Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to have it sorted!