Tweaks that will make the app easier to use


Hi. I really loved the app it might be the best music player available right now for IOS. But it needs some tweaks that will actually make it much easier to use. You may not believe it but actually the MAIN reason that made me use this app and no longer use my previous one which I paid for is the search history feature. It might not sound important to many but actually it is VEEERY healpful to me since I have more than 3000 songs in my library. The first tweak that I would suggest is to make the app save as many searches you wish (or at least a plausible number os searches). Making it limited to only 5 saved searches is actually a downside. The seconds tweak is also related to the same feature, which is to add the ability to remove a specific saved search. This is actually helpful. The third tweak is to make the app able to shuffle ALL songs instaed of limiting it to specific number of songs. The last tweak is to make the app locate the played song in library when I swipe down instead of showing it as now playing and up next. This is helpful when I have many versions of the same song (same name at beginning) and I want to play another version. To make it clearer, let say I have many versions of song X named as X1, X2, X3, X4…etc. When the app shuffle the songs and it plays X3 and I pressed the upper right button to sort them alphabetically instead of shuffling it will only show X4 as next songs, while if I wanted to play the other “X1, X2” versions I will have to search for them or shuffle again or something like that. I hope it is clear.

These actually will help a LOT and will make it perfect for many users I guess.

Best wishes.