Tracks disappeared from cloud by themselves?


Hi, I am now v ery concerned. I trusted your service but now I see several albums I just uploaded yesterday disappeared from my cloud on their own today. What could have caused that?

I use the latest Big Sur beta, the latest app client, and I upload files via the main app as the uploader is a piece of garbage to me and causes duplicates XD if I use both, and sometimes I would love to switch between the apps u know.

anyway. I uploaded several Jojo opening theme and Kaguya sama character song albums in flac. they simply vanished.

if I cannot trust the cloud, I am screwed cuz I cant just keep almost 2 tb of data locally. so once the files gone - and I probably dont even realize it - I just lose track of what’s there. dont screw me over guys.

ps I can now download from my cloud no problem, so the latest reported issue was resolved. thanks.

pps now the missing files reappeared as … one unnamed album. after I added some new albums. wow XDDDD but only my jojos., no sight of Kaguya sama songs.


These tracks just disappeared I mean, still see them on pad but oretty sure they will erased here as well.


I have no help to offer, sorry. I don’t use Big Sur Beta. But I can only recommend that you buy yourself a external HDD to store your music. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I own two HDDs…


But the problem is clearly with your cloud. Not with the beta. I dare say me having the beta is an excuse for u guys to ignore cuz me having the beta has Nothing to do with the issue at hand cuz the files disappeared from Your servers, nit my Mac. And if I had to keep hdds it KINDA eliminates for me any reason for Paying for Your cloud lmao. So next time you say something l his Think beforehand cuz that was pretty stupid.


It is not MY cloud. And they are not MY servers. I have nothing to do with the VOX-team. I just wanted to help you. My music was gone once, without VOX. I hope that won’t happen to you. Not my comment was stupid, but your reaction. Very sad…


Ah my bad ^^ I was sure only staff responds here, my second post and I had a staff member respond before. Thanks. I have Degoo cloud with 10 tb of space for 99 years and uploading there rn.

I v been with Vox for four years and stuff like tracks disappearing never happened to me before.

Ps Dont be childish :slight_smile: take care. Not sad at all.


No problem :wink: VOX has so much potential. But so much broken promises… Hope they come out with revox soon.


Thanks for your post!

We would need to collect some additional information about missing tracks.

Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!


I am having exactly the same problem. Nearly 100 artists music has suddenly vanished from my cloud. No answer on any of these boards.


Now sorted. Learned my lesson, backing everything up now.