Tracks/Albums/Artists Sorting Issue


Hi. . .happy to have Vox as an iTunes alternative, but can’t find an answer to an issue I’m having with compilation albums. In short, why aren’t an artist’s compilation appearances showing up with all their other music under “ARTISTS” on the desktop VOX Universal app?

I’ve gone through and made sure the tracks are tagged correctly (album artist is “various artists” and artist is the individual artist, compilation = 1, etc). When I upload to Vox and look at the sorting tabs at the top of the desktop app (Tracks/Albums/Artists), the songs correctly appear under “Tracks”, and they’re correctly included within the compilation under “Albums”. . .but they don’t appear at all under “Artists”.

See attached pics.

Basically, if I sort by “ARTISTS”, I want all tracks by that artist to appear under “ARTISTS”, regardless of whether it’s their own album, or a compilation. Seems intuitive, no?


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