Track play counts/times with iTunes


Is it possible to get VOX on IOS to track/update the iTunes Music playcounts/times when listening to music? I understand this doesn't occur normally since VOX is using its own playback engine, and not just a wrapper around the system playback. But since I use iTunes to sync (smart) playlists, it would be awesome to have those plays tracked somehow with the system...


Hi Mark,
Thanks for using our app!
We'd be happy to implement that (and actually we had tried), but unfortunately, Apple's API is poor. We can read that play counts from iTunes, but unfortunately can not edit them at all... Let's hope they will update that soon.


Any updates on the ability to update the Music (app) playcounts/times from VOX. This is exactly the (main) feature I’m looking for in a music player, but with the ability to toggle the playcount updating off and on. This used to work great in iTunes (especially in v9, it got buggy after that). For me, this gives me the ability to listen to new music without updating the counts, often listening to a new album multiple times, categorizing and rating the tracks. Then for general listening, using smart playlists which use genres, playcounts, and last played timestamps the updating would be on.


I second that suggestion!