Too many problems


Hi there. :slight_smile:

First of all I hope you guys from VOX are staying safe regarding this brutal war you’re facing. It’s just terrible and I feel your people. <3

When it comes to VOX as an application I am a bit frustrated. I chose it due to the superb quality of sound and the wonderful look and feel it has. But synching and even importing songs for just listening on my mac is quite screwed up. Sometimes I just drag a title into the window (desktop version of VOX) and it leaves a blank field in the player. Syhcning itself most of the time doesn’t work at all. IF I am lucky, it works and I have my songs both in iPhone and iPad. But even those two devices aren’t in the same state: One playlist I have on the iPhone has more songs than the one on the iPad. I just can’t figure it out.

And yes, seeing that there are several ways to upload files into the cloud is confusing me as well. All I want to do is to drag songs on my mac to the window of my VOX-player and be done with it. (I tried the other options but don’t find them to be comfortable at all)

What I also find to be quite confusing is that I can’t define which kind of starting point I have when opening up the application on my mac. It starts with VOX cloud which I never use at all. I only use the collections tab and want this to be the default.

Cheers for now. As I don’t expect that my problems will go away I’ll most likely look for another solution. I still won’t cancel my payments to you guys as a sign of support.