TIDAL possible?!?


I it possible for y’all to add tidal? It would be insane listening to tidal in VOX


Thanks for your post!

We are looking forward to adding Tidal integration in future updates, I believe it might happen after we finish setting up all details with Tidal team.


Tidal doesn’t support offline listening. If you would like to enjoy Tidal in VOX, the necessary thing you should do is using a third-party Tidal to MP3 converter. Such kind of tool is designed to download Tidal content for offline use. After that, you can enjoy Tidal in VOX or other devices.


Hey @shawenswift06, how does this work? From what I understand, the idea you are proposing is to download & convert your Tidal tracks and upload them to Vox? I don’t think this counts as a Tidal integration, it’s just manualy transferring content from one app to another. (I guess I am missing something)


As we all know, Tidal only allows mobile phone users to download music and all the downloads are playable within Tidal app. To add Tidal music to VOX, VLC, iTunes, and more possible devices, we can use Tidal music downloader to do this thing.Sound quality is original and music files are unprotected.