TAG Editor


TAG Editor will be very usefull feature in VOX. It's a pity... is not available YET!


Cheers // Sickie


Coming soon! ;)


@VOX_Support_Team I really like Vox and use Vox Cloud. This is really the only thing that is missing for me. I have some music I uploaded and it is grouped in unknown or whatever. Those are really rare bands or albums. It is really hard to navigate. This is really old thread, I hope you guys pick this up. Thank you.



Thanks for your post!

VOX is sorting your music using id3 tag inputs, bitrate, file type…so if your id3 tags are OK, you just drag and drop music files to VOX and they get to the right place

Main Tags used for sorting are: Track number, Release Year, Album name, Artist name, etc.

All fields should contain proper inputs and identical inputs like: “Artist - Album Name - Year” to get to one Album in VOX app.

Please see a related topic on our forum: How to tag files properly

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxjlLrpGcM0