Synced Collections vs VOX Cloud


I currently have one album that I added in the MacOS app as a Synced Collection. I can play this on my other iOS devices now. Is that somehow downloading/storing it on my iOS devices? I assume that will be available for later if I’m offline (testing turning wifi off worked).

So if I have a Synced Collection, what is the difference between that and having the files stored in Vox Cloud? In fact, why don’t I see my Sync’d Collection in VOX Cloud at all? Where are the files in the Sync’d Collection stored if it’s not in VOX Cloud? Screenshot below shows I have nothing in VOX Cloud even though I’m currently playing my Synced Collection across multiple devices.

Do you recommend using one or the other and if so when/why? It’s really confusing to me which I should use. I’m migrating a massive audio collection over and want to do it right the first time.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Bumping this up. I’m hopeful someone might be able to help me understand how Collections and VOX Cloud work. I can’t seem to figure it out from any available documentation.


Thanks for your post!

Yes, sure, once you add files to Synced Collection they are uploaded and stored on our servers. That is how VOX makes those become available for streaming and downloading on various devices.

However, we’ve decided to exclude tracks uploaded directly to Synced Collection from VOX Cloud.

The thing is that the Collections which out users create may contain a lot of tracks without meta or with the wrong meta, which is OK for Collections, as we expect Collection to be something like a playlist with ~10-100 tracks in each, to make it still possible for the users to navigate through the Collection despite the fact that tracks have no meta or wrong meta.

You would need to check the Collection tab your Synced Collection should be there.

Tracks stored inside the Synced Collection can be downloaded for offline playback.


So am I supposed to both Sync my Collection and then also upload an album to Vox Cloud? Seems odd to have duplicate files stored on your cloud.


As an alternative way, you may upload your music to VOX Cloud, and then just add some of that music to Synced Collection, that is how you will avoid the necessity to upload your music files twice.


Thanks, that’s helpful to know. You should consider posting this in the documentation somewhere.


Hi. I’m having some issues with Synced Collections and I wonder if you can help.

I have created a few Synced Collections in the macOS app, using tracks that are already uploaded into the Vox cloud… for example, one is called Christmas Complete. It has 1600 tracks in it. The Synced Collection appears in the macOS app, and while it also appears in the Collections tab of the iOS app, there are no tracks in the collection. When I tap on Christmas Complete which appears as a Synced Playlist, it says there are 0 tracks and 00 hours 00 minutes there… this is the same for the other Synced Collections I have created. Can you explain how I can get these working?

Many thanks!



Any tech help here? Anyone paying attention?


Thanks for your posts!

What VOX + iOS versions are you referring to?
Have you already tried to re-login to the VOX app using your VOX account?
Also, please make sure your internet connection is ON, VOX will use the internet to sync update of the Synced Collections you’ve made via the macOS app.

If re-login doesn`t help, you may reach our tech. support desk to get some individual assistance.

Our tech team will check your Christmas Complete Collection on the servers, but I almost sure that the Collection itself is OK, hence the sync-error is taking place. Re-login should help with that!


Okay, well thank you!
Just logging out and in again seems to have done the trick!
That playlist is now syncing. Great news.
Hopefully the others will follow suit.

Many thanks for getting back to me!


I have one further question now, if it still fits into this category?

I have files that uploaded on Vox Cloud, and are part of a synced collection. Now, these files are at 320kbps, and I want to replace them with FLACs. So I delete the mp3s from my Vox Cloud and upload the FLACs there, that’s fine.

Also I added the FLACs to the synced collection in question. Now do I have to go through all the files in the Synced collection on the Mac app, or will they be deleted from the playlist automatically as they have been deleted from my Vox Cloud?

Also, a side question arises: is it possible to order the view of tracks in a synced collection? For example, in the 1600 tracks in this Christmas Complete synced collection, the tracks are just listed totally randomly, so if I did need to go through and delete the old 320 files, it would be quite a job.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Relogged in three times on each synced device.
I have three synced Collections. None of the three devices shows all three Collections. Should I log in another 2 or 3 times to see if that also doesn’t work?