Sync with SoundCloud doesn't work after long session in VOX player


Hello folks. I very often faced with a problem when my SoundCloud Stream list doesn’t sync after the long session in the player. I try to sync list using scroll and manually - sync button - but nothing really happened. I use 3.3.2 build on MacOS Mojave.



Thanks for you comment!

Does the sync function work after you re-login to SC?

What exactly does not sync? Are there some particular tracks or all new tracks?


Yeap, re-login/relaunch fix this problem. But it happen very often.


I have the same problem. Soundcloud does not update when you hit the refresh button.
I have to quit VOX player first, then it will refresh. Making it very annoying to quit each time you want to refresh soundcloud.


Thanks for your comments.

Your request is collected and will be passed to dev. team.


Same problem. Really annoying when you upload 125Gb of sounds.


Good news!

We hope getting rid of this sort of happening in the nearest update.

Stay tuned!


Thanks to the OP and those that replied. Signing in and out fixed this issue for me.
@VOX_Support_Team - It seems to still be a problem on v. 3.3.6 (build 3360.0)



Can you please identify which SC tab do you mean? Likes or Streams?