"Sync with iTunes Library"? Seeking advice


I just signed up for VOX Premium, and I’m having a tough time finding some basic information.

My iTunes library is in lossless ALAC format. I’d like music moved to the Vox Cloud also to be ALAC. I just synced my iTunes library and, under the Vox PREFERENCES tab, have asked the Vox Cloud to “watch” the folder where my iTunes music is located.

It seems that the files are being loaded into the cloud in M4A format.

Help? Thanks!


Well I just learned that the MP4/*M4A “container”/extension is used for lossless ALAC files, so I answered my own question. I’m leaving it here in case someone else is similarly confused about this at some point in the future. If an admin were to decide to delete this, I’ll be fine with it. :blush: