Sync from mounted network drive



I am syncing my music which is on a pi running linux via my mac where I have mounted the music folder. I have added it to the Watch Folder list. So far so good, the files are uploaded after a few days and not deleted when I unmounted the folder. But now I have changed some tags, and would propagate these changes to Vox Loop.

But I a afraid of duplicates in the Loop, which I had many when I tried Vox a few years back.

Could you please indicate, if I will have duplicates of these changed files? The file names should be the same.





Thanks for reaching out.

It depends on which kind of changed you’ve made.

An anti-duplication system is working if tracks are absolutely the same (bitrate, file format and the id3-tags), however, if you have changed something like: bitrate, file format, or id3-tags - they will be displayed as separate tracks, in addition to already uploaded tracks.

Main Tags used for sorting are: Track number, Release Year, Album name, Artist name, etc.

Hope it helps.