Sync Collections? Is it possible?


Hello, I've come across what may very well be one of the most obvious blunders of Vox yet: syncing Collections between the Mac app and iOS app via Loop. It is a royal pain-in-the-ass to create and manage Collections on an iOS device, whereas it is a breeze in the desktop app.

I am a Loop subscriber with about 400GB of tunes stored in the cloud. I have about 20 or 30 collections I've curated since the inception of my subscription last October. I have not been able to determine how I can initiate the synchronization of Collections between the Mac app and iOS app.

I am sincerely hoping that I am simply missing something- if not, you guys aren't even close to tapping the potential of Loop...



Hello Mark,
Thanks for getting in touch.
Yes, collections, unfortunately, are not synced currently, because we faced some technical difficulties while implementing that mechanism, and had not enough time to get back to it.
Anyway, It's on our ToDo list and will be implemented.
Stay tuned!

VOX Team.


I definitely want collection syncing.




how? I have the Mac version and iOS and my Mac collections are not on the iPhone?



Thanks for contacting us!

Currently, Synced Collections should be created using the VOX for macOS (Main app) and synced over all other devices, such as VOX for iOS (mobile version) and all other macOS devices you got.

We believe that creating Synced Collections using macOS (Main app) and syncing them to iOS (mobile\secondary version).

Just mark this option.

Already created a Collection? Good!

Press this button, click on “Rename” and “Sync” option will be available again!