Suggestion / Request: Album View (options) within Artist View


I'm brand new, so apologies if I'm covering something previously addressed.

Beginning with Artist view, I would greatly appreciate and prefer the ability to select an artist, and then select that artist's albums per the title/artwork, only. As it is currently, if using Artist view, once I select an artist, I must scroll through that artist's albums, including every track on each of those albums. This is laborious and cumbersome for artists for whom I have many albums.

I assume many other users are like me in that they have voluminous collections per a specific artist. For example, I could easily have 50, 75 or 100 albums for artists like Bob Dylan, U2, etc. I prefer the Artist view for this reason, so as to not have to endlessly scroll through albums to get to a deeply seated Bob Dylan record. However, this efficiency is lost if once I select "Bob Dylan" I now have to scroll down through hundreds of track titles to get to the 37th Bob Dylan album in collection. Much better would be the following flow:

Artist view --> Album view (albums by the Artist selected), without the listing of each and every track on every album.

Thanks in advance~

p.s. This is true for iOS and the Mac app, as well.


I'm new too and I totally agree with joshuathetree. Also it would be great to have the option to list albums under titles, rather than under artist. For example, I have several albums called things like "70s rock". Currently they're found under "Unknown". I'd like the option to be able to find them by title. I know I can search, but that doesn't help if I just want to browse.


Hi there!

Artist view --> Album view (albums by the Artist selected), without the listing of each and every track on every album

Thanks for your feedback and for your time!

I guess it makes sense!

We really appreciate your efforts to provide us with a feedback, as we try to improve VOX app for our customers on the daily basis.
Still, sometimes we can't modify the app for all our users, because, essentially they have different demands ;)

A lot of our users like our design, so we are trying to keep it almost the same, without major changes applied.

However, we are looking forward to adding some managing tools, if you have some suggestions about how you would like it to be - please share!


Hi there!

Currently they're found under "Unknown".

I believe there is a problem with ID3 tags, try to check them to have proper inputs.

If you would need our assistance with that, please reach us on


Oh yeah, a definite +1 for this feature please. While it’s not a huge hassle to scroll down through every track to find a desired album under artists (first world problems, right?); being able to get straight to the album would be ideal.

Superb service by the way - it’s my first day of using Vox Cloud and I’m just blown away by it.