Suggestion for alternative view on Loop for iPhone



Just thought it might be handy to display a bigger part of the playing track's waveform, for example, when turning iPhone right or left so the screen is in "landscape" mode. Also more information can fit about currently playing track, or/and additional controls can be featured in this mode.

Also, when viewing Album/Artist list, it might be a good option to use the alternative view as well, when iPhone is turned right or left. More information can be then displayed about a particular album etc.



Hey there,
Thanks for reaching out.
These are great suggestions and I’ve shared them with our product team. We are always making improvements to our product.
We really appreciated your feedback; your requests help us build a useful and effective product.


Thank you, but obviously this hasn't been a priority for your team :)


Another enthusiastic thumbs up for landscape mode. I get why you haven’t built it, but I find myself wanting that a lot.

Case in point: Put a playlist on shuffle, and set the phone on the coffee table, kicked back on a pop socket in landscape orientation. Headphones on, reading a magazine until, “Wait, who’s this?” *Glance at phone, which VOX has kept awake and in landscape mode with the album cover on the left and the track info & what’s next on the right…“Ahhh, Necrotic Bedsores. Thought so.” So much easier than putting down the magazine, sitting up, picking up the phone, waking it up, logging in, and looking at VOX. Yeah, I’m lazy, but I am who I am.

Even worse, but I still want it:: iPhones are stereo in landscape, so I’m just browsing casually, wouldn’t it be nicer in landscape?

A more legitimate use case: Using an old iPhone to stream audio from VOX Music Cloud and Local Files out to my hi-fi system. Landscape, landscape, landscape.