Stop neglecting artwork!


Hello Vox,

I sent some feedback a while ago when I first started using your service, and now that I have been using it for a while I have some more things to say. So I’ve decided to write them all up for you.
Since your service primarily exists to help users listen to music in high quality, it seems to me that you guys care very much about the music listening experience. That’s fantastic. However, in my case at least, the artwork for the album/song is half the experience, and I feel like Vox doesn’t treat artwork with enough respect. So I have some suggestions to help get album art the attention it deserves.

  1. Track art: Did you guys know there’s such a thing as track art? Yeah, it exists. In the case of some albums, certain tracks have different artwork than others. In some albums, ALL the tracks have their own art. If an artist made the conscious decision to make some tracks have different art than others, usually it’s vital to the listening experience. You know what happens when you import an album with track art into the Vox cloud? It selects ONE of the track’s artwork and displays it for all of the tracks. No no no, that’s bad. There are some albums now that I have to have locally downloaded because they have track art that’s essential to the experience and Vox won’t display it. PLEASE show track art!

  2. Album art and Vox cloud: I’ve noticed that when I import an album into the Vox cloud, on Mac, it sorta pretends the artwork doesn’t exist. It does show it on the album page, but when it is playing, the Vox icon in the dock does not change to the current album art, the notifications don’t have the album art next to it, and when shrinking the Vox window the artwork isn’t displayed in the background. All of these things do happen when you play music from the “playlist”, and it’s great, but when playing from the Vox cloud, nope.

  3. Large display: This one is more simple but something I feel like would make Vox for Mac so much better. Just a sort of fullscreen display, where it would tell you the track name that’s playing along with showing the artwork. A lot of the times I play music on the computer and just leave it alone. At the moment, Vox only has that mini window, so I have to look at my messy desktop when walking by the computer. It would just be so pleasant and visually appealing to have a display mode, like Spotify for Mac does. This plus the track art suggestion would work very well together, by the way.

That’s it! Sorry if it felt like I was just complaining, I assure you that I use your service very much and I’m really happy it exists. I just feel like you guys put a lot of time into everything else, while artwork got barely any attention. If you implemented these things, I’d say Vox would be near perfect. Thank you, and have yourselves a great day!