Spotify won't update


I was able to install the app (iphone 8, ios 12.2) and sync with my Spotify premium account, but once synced, it never picks up changes. If I add or delete albums from my library, nothing changes in Vox. Have tried reinstalling app, clearing cache and forcing sync.

Any suggestions?



Thanks for reaching out!

What VOX version are you on?

Did you try to re-authorize your Spotify account in VOX app? (by re-logging in with your Spotify account in VOX app)


I’m on the latest version available via the itunes app store.

yes, doesn’t make any difference.


Hello? Is this thing on?


To sync Spotify playlists to Vox app, there is an alternative way to make it possible. You can have a try of AudFree Spotify Playlist Converter to download Spotify music as local files and convert them to common files. And then you can sync them to your Vox app with ease.
It could be a little complex. So you can firstly try to re-authorize your Spotify Premium account on Vox app to see it works well. If not, you can have a try of this way I mentioned above.


Hi, I am having the exact same PROBLEM as regan.frank. VOX successfully synced with Spotify Premium the first time I connected, but has since never update the library no matter what change is added on Spotify. I tried to log out/log on from Spotify on VOX a few times but the situations is the same. This is really frustrating.


Exactly the same issue here, playlist changes seem to be reflected fine but library changes are not updated. Suddenly started in May and has never been fixed since. I contacted their support page back in May and got a reply telling me to try logging in and out of my Spotify then nothing else. This didn’t work. I’ve tried everything now, probably going to stop using VOX, they don’t seem interested in sorting this…


Thanks for the heads-up.

We are still looking for some kind of solution for this issue.
Unfortunately, this bug was pretty hard to catch! Despite that we’ve already achieved some progress, the major fix is still pending.

As a temporary work, we would suggest the following:

  • Try adding your tracks to the Library, by using “Save to your Liked Songs” option for song individually in Spotify. Tracks should appear in VOX Library in few minutes.

We will keep you updated here. Stay tuned.


I tried the suggested workaround and it did work. Add the entire album songs individually to Spotify library, go to VOX app and hit Sync on Settings, and the album shows up in the VOX library.

So it only does not work when you add the entire album by one click to the Spotify library.