Spotify sync and CarPlay issues


I’ve been seeing an issue with CarPlay that VOX is not syncing properly with Spotify. It’s an issue only with CarPlay the iOS version on my phone is fine. What is happening is that for some artists I am see albums that I don’t have saved in Spotify. While in others, where I have an album saved, I only get the partial track listing. Has anybody else seen anything like this?



I would really need your assistance here, is it possible for you to make a few screenshots of an iOS and a CarPlay display to compare them and indicate the missing tracks?

Some additional tips: Try to re-logging to Spotify and Cleaning Audio Cache.


Boy did I miss this reply. Resyncing usually works. But what’s weird is when it loses the connection with Spotify in the middle of a song.


Might it be driven by the unstable internet connection, while the music files are being downloaded/streamed?

Does it happen when a file has been already downloaded?


Sometimes. I could see that happening as going through different areas. It happened the other day where I saw more albums for a particular artist when I was in an area with a strong signal. That’s the strange thing, seeing the extra music.