Spotify not working


Hello all, been a user for almost two years now and can’t live without VOX. I use it everyday!

Just wondering if there is a glitch with Spotify at the moment, I’ve tried logging out of Spotify many times and tried resyncing also tried clearing cache. All the songs show up fine, but when I try and listen it just keeps skipping tracks and never plays anything. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to delete the app and reinstall because I’m afraid my equalizer presents will disappear and it’s taken me a long time to find the right adjustments for my ear buds.

Thank you


Also have the same problem. Ever since I renewed my subscription, it just keep scrolling without playing. Can you please take a look what the problem is. Thanks.


Bonjour je suis de France et j’ai exactement le même problème depuis quelque jours !!
Les musiques défilent sans être jouée.
J’ai vider le cache, j’ai supprimé l’application, j’ai modifié des bibliothèques dans Spotify en ajoutant des morceaux mais rien a faire cela ne fonctionne toujours.
Par contre la bibliothèque Apple musique fonctionne.

Pouvez-vous arranger ce problème car nous avons payé l’abonnement est assez cher.



I have the same problem, but it also happens with other apps in which spotify was running and now it is not , seems the problem is with Spotify


SAME!! And it’s super frustrating.


Same here, not working. Super disappointed with how little VOX has improved Spotify functionality over the past 3 years I’ve been using it. I literally pay for Spotify premium specifically to use it with VOX and now I can’t :confused:


I have been having the same Spotify problem with VOX… I really want a response from the VOX team asap!


Any update, Is it working for anyone yet? I noticed a lot of my album artwork came back but unfortunately not the sound.

Please help!


Same problem here I hope they will be able to work on this asap


So sad, VOX made a post saying that Spotify has discontinued the coding that allowed vox to stream the music. They said they are trying to figure out an alternative, please bring back the killer sound that I feel in love with.

Listening to SoundCloud now but it just isn’t the same.

Please VOX!!! Don’t let us down


Then, you can try the YMusic app for free…