Sorting Releases by Type


I know people have brought up this issue over the years, but it seems even more important now that the Universal Beta is in development.

When viewing an Artist it is nice to view their Albums in chronological order either from most recent to oldest or vice-versa (I am happy with either one). However, electronic artist (especially) have many releases which fall under different categories, like Mixes / Singles / Remixes / etc.

It would be nice to organize these releases separate from (below) all full-length Albums + EPs. I have already provided these with the proper metadata using the SORT ALBUM tag, starting these tags with something like:

zzMix 2018 [Mix Title]

zzMix 2020 [Mix Title]

zzRemix 2017 [Remix Title]

zzSingle 2017 [Single Title]

I realize this would only work if Albums are organized by Title/Name vs Year, but I supposed I could also just add a SORT ALBUM tag to every release using the TYPE + DATE instead like so:

01 AlbumEP 20180211 [Album/EP Title]for an Album/EP released on Feb. 11 2018

02 SingleRemix 20081214 [Single/Remix Title]for a Single/Remix released on Dec. 14 2008

03 Mix 20140000 [Mix/Mixtape Title]for a Mix/Mixtape released in 2014

The point being… I am happy to do ANY OF THESE, as long as VOX can simply start using the SORT ALBUM, SORT ARTIST, etc. tags to simply override the official ARTIST / ALBUM names.

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