Sorting of Playlist



I see several request for an option to sort the playlist, but still this option is not present.
Is there any new eta for an option to sort the main playlist?
To me this is rather a standard feature and as much as i like VOX this is really a bummer.
Most requests I saw are already 2 years old..
Or do I miss something?



Hi Max,
Thank you for reaching out.
Adding default playlist sorting is not scheduled for VOX 2.0 version. Maybe it will be added with VOX 3.0

Stay tuned!


Hi all,

Just wonder, if this “sorting playlist” has been added to VOX already?

Thank you in advance for the answer!



Thanks for your post.

Can you share some details about what is “sorting playlist”? How should it work in VOX?


Any news on when VOX 3.0 will be released? There have been hints for about 2 years about a possible realise of 3.0.

I like what I’ve seen so far but I am very desperate to have an option to delete albums AND tracks via my Windows 10 Pc. I do not have a MAC.

Also album management sorting on iPhone would be great too.



I’m checking if I can switch to VOX to meet my needs.

I missed the option to sort tracks by modification date, creation date or even perfectly by “comments”, “BPM” and any tag in a playlist/collection.

In iTunes, it’s possible to choose anything to be displayed and sorted when needed. But iTunes is old school now so looking if I can switch to something else like VOX.