Sorting by Genres


I hope you will add Genres as a sorting option in the future releases. Each player on the market has sorting by genres option and only Vox is missing it. This is very strange behavior for such advanced player. I even decided to switch to iAudioGate player on my phone because Vox lacks this feature and because it’s really hard to find quickly anything you want to listen to right now without first looking in iTunes library. I use Genres to collect albums with the same mood, so when I have a specific mood, I just want to play an album from matched Genre and I don’t remember all artist names or albums names, because I have a huge library which is constantly expanding. So as of right now, when I want to listen anything in Vox, I go to iTunes library, find a genre I want to listen, then check some artist names and then look up these names in Vox, which of course, it’s not the way I want to listen my music. So please add Genres, it’s super important option.



Thanks for your post.

We are getting a lot of requests to add Genres, so probably we will do it one day.


Still not possible for your own music files.


And why can’t I import music, by just selecting a folder with all my various music folders & files?