Sonos Zones not found since last update



Since the last update Vox Player under Catalina does not findmy Sonos products anymore.



Despite various suggestions from Sonos support and after listing my complete set-up, my paired Sonos speakers still don´t show up in Vox` preferences.



Please advise what are your current OS and VOX versions?

Also, we would recommend to disable all network interfaces, connect to the same subnet (it’s important) as Your Sonos device.
Your router might have several different subnets. (guest networks etc…)

Make sure, that You are in the right one.

If you needed to change the subnet, reach Sonos speaker with the help of the native app and check if your Sonos speaker has appeared in VOX`s output list.


Hello again,

Since also the new version 3.3.17 brought no improvement at all, her my last feedback: I´ve got only one subnet, no guest net activatet in my home network. Have stopped the network and re-installed everything on my fFitzbox as well as on my Fritz!Repeater 3000. Checked that both Fritzbox and Repeater are operating under the newest available final firmware. Even when operating without the Repeater, the grouped Sonos room is ot detected. No change at all.


Thanks for all the details shared.

Did you check your Sonos firmware? What version are you on?
Did you try to reach your Sonos speakers with the Sonos native app from your device, to make sure speakers have established a connection with your device?

After that, switch to VOX app > Outputs and check if Sonos speakers are available.


VOX supper this has been an issue for a number of years. I am out.

VOX premium subscription cancelled