Sonos playback stops when screen is locked


…still an issue…


Thanks for your post!

Please advise what VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
Have you already tried to do a fresh install?

As far as I know, our QA team has already tried to reproduce this happening in our conditions in order to get it fixed, but it seems that they had no luck to catch that issue and resolve it by now… since you are still facing it while streaming to Sonos.

May I ask you to provide us with steps to reproduce this happening?

I will reach our QA team again and set a task to get it double-checked on the most recent build!


This bug is alive and well, boys. I sent you a video showing exactly that happens. You navigate away from the Vox player, and Sonos playback stops.


I am having the same problem. It is enough to make me begin looking for new player options. It does not do it if music is being played via AirPlay, But if you are attempting to play through Sonos natively to get the highest quality sound, the music stops as soon as you close the app or the screen goes dark.


Thanks for reporting!

Our dev. team is on it, we hope to get it finally fixed in the upcoming updates.


Hoping we can get this fixed. It is a real pain having to keep the app open and the screen on to enable Sonos playback. It is a very easily replicable bug.


We’ve succeeded reproducing this happening in our conditions, the is preparing the fix.

Hopefully, it will be included in the next update of the VOX app.


Any updates on this issue? It can’t be just me and the guy above having this issue. Playback stops completely when navigating away from the Vox app, when playing directly through Sonos using Vox connect.

AirPlay playback works fine.

Can we fix this it’s been an issue since forever.


I am still having this Issue. If in play around with the app, I can get it to keep playing on the lock screen; the only pattern I can identify is that you must start a song playing through iPhone speakers first, then select the Sonos speaker while the song is playing. However, if you switch albums or songs, you must start over, and it does not always work without completely closing the app and reopening the app, which makes it useless. Airplay is limited to 16/44.1, and with the recent Sonos update allowing for HD audio, this bug needs to be fixed for VOX to remain a useful HD audio app.


Any update on this ongoing and annoying issue guys? You’ve been aware of it for years now.

Why not just fix it?

Otherwise great implementation for Sonos…


And update for this problem?


And why has this issue still not been addressed? There have been several app updates since this thread began but this issue has still not been resolved. Oh it is hard to justify paying for an app call me when the specific reason for its use does not work.


When can we expect a fix?


Guys any update as to when we can expect a fix for this??

It must be relatively simple to fix. Please advise!


Our QA team is still trying to determine the steps to reproduce this happening regularly on our testing hardware, in order to get it finally fixed.

We’ve had some progress on this, hence it is still not fixed. We continue looking for a solution to this.