Sonos not available


Output to Sonos is not possible. There is no choice to select any Sonos output - only Airplay or iPhone. In other music Apps on my iPhone Sonos works fine…

iOS: 14.4
VOX: 2.5.6


Thanks for reporting!

You would need to start playback, tap on the mini player to open the Main Player view, tap on the 3 dotted button in the bottom corner to open a context menu:

  • Tap on Outputs
  • Select your Sonos output there

Please advise if it appears as an available output on the list? Or do not appear at all?


It does not work. There are only 3 dots in the lower Right corner. When I click on them, a context menu opens. However there is no option „Output“. There are 2 buttons: One opens the EQ and the other opens the Airplay Option. There I can choose my AirPlay devices - but no Sonos outputs… I have 2 Sonos Play1. From a different App on my mobile (Tidal) it works…


Sonos Play 1 first edition does not support AirPlay, so you won’t find it on the menu. The tidal thing is different, it’s their own Tidal connect software.


Vox advertises with Sonos support and not with „Sonos support via AirPlay“. In my opinion that should work like the Tidal connector…


Yes, that is true, VOX establishes the connection no via AirPlay.

The Sonos output should appear as a separate output in the output list, unless you connect to it via AirPlay.


This is not working… i only See AirPlay devices.