Some YouTube links are not recognized



Some links from YouTube are not recognized. For example, all links from domain “” are not recognized, but they are still official YT links. Usually I get them from iOS app using share button.

Also, the UX is kinda confusing for me. Since the app doesn’t always recognize the link I don’t realize right away what is the problem. Then I go to some other app, paste the link and see what the problem is. If there was a button which opens u p a modal to input a link and then confirm and get back some useful information like a message:
“The link is not valid. Domain {link-domain} is not supported.” would be much more useful. People get confused about this, especially since they copy link directly from them app it is expected to work.

Love your app :slight_smile:



Thanks for your post!

Could you please provide us with some URLs that doesn’t work?