Some "Must Have" options for VOX


Hey there,

I use Vox premium for some time now. I really like the ability to take MY music on the go wherever I want. But in my opinion there are some things really missing:

  • add a heart-shaped favorites button to artists, albums and tracks. Then the sort function “Favorite Songs” and “Favorite Albums” and “Favorite Artists”

  • Shuffle by album / play a random album

  • a nice app for MacOS with the already said shuffle and favorite options

If those options would be here, VOX would be perfect for me. I am sure I am not the only user who wants those!

Please think about it!

PS: And not to forget… Telekom StreamOn in Germany. (I know, you are talking to them for the last year ;))


We really appreciate feedback, we try to improve our app for our customers on a daily basis.

I will make sure that information will reach the dev. team and they might consider implementing requested functionality in VOX app.