Some albums are split, tracks are tagged correctly. (How) can I fix this?


Hey there, seriously trying to give Vox and Loop a shot but I simply can't use it without this issue being resolved. Several of my albums are being split improperly (see attachment). The common factor seems to be that the segregated tracks are of a different format than the rest of the album; for instance, most of the tracks are lossless m4a, but a few are mp3 or lossy m4a, and these get split into a separate album.

The tracks in question are correctly tagged. They each have the exact same "album" and "album artist" tags with consistent track & disc number tags, confirmed through iTunes on OS X and Mp3tag on Windows. Other software (iTunes, MusicBee, etc.) correctly sorts them into a single album. Also, although the excluded tracks show no album art in Vox, they do indeed have the correct album art embedded which is detected by other software.

Any advice on this would greatly be appreciated; thanks in advance.


Matt, thank You for report,

this is valuable note for us about tracks of different format but of the same album / artist being separated by Loop.

We are in constant advance, this will be fixed soon.


Matt, here is the clarification:

Currently, for Loop, same album in another format is another album. Imagine user who wants to upload the same album in two different formats - for example, to compare sound quality. In this case, Loop needs to show these as two separate albums. This is why You see tracks from the same album in different albums in Loop.

We are working on Loop edit tool which will allow You manage Your tracks and albums, until it's out there's another solution - to add both album parts to one collection.

Thanks for Your participation and feel free to add more notes regarding VOX/Loop.


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Has this been fixed yet? I am having the same problem and it–similarly–makes VOX more or less unusable. Thanks! Help appreciated!



Can you please share some additional details about the problem?

Some screenshots to see it would be really appreciated!


I would like to know if this issue has been resolved. I finally noticed that there is an HD on the beta version that holds the songs from an album that MP4 and the second album will be the MP3 songs. The public version just says MP4 or MP3 in real small letters under each album. Any way to tell the program not to do this split? Noticed in 2015, another request in 2019 and now another one in 2021.