So long, and thanks for all the fish


I have so tried to stay with this app but there have been so many issues trying to upload and sorting music that it is time to try other alternatives and I can no longer justify paying a $60 renewal. I realise that the issues in Ukraine may be a factor but at the end of the day I cannot pay for something that no longer meets my needs. A real shame but it is what it is.


Let me know what are your issues, maybe I can help you. most basic things works great for me.


Hey, any feedback on the app (Vox Universal) constantly crashing? I was in the middle of an upload, app kept crashing. I updated my Mac,restarted the computer and TRIED to logout, to cancel download and resolve the issue. Yet, it crashes immediately…I have no idea what to do.I even turned my wifi off, loaded the app and attempted to sign out but as soon as I hit the sign out button, yup you guessed it. App crashes. This thing is utterly frustrating


I hate to say it but I am in the same boat as you. I’ve tried to many times to get my issue resolved, contacted tech support but no response, no help. I’ve paid my premium fee and I am not getting the full function.