Simple question: Adding new songs


Just started using Vox. Want to keep my iTunes library. When I get new MP3 files, how do I import them? I tried the Open command in Vox, but nothing seemed to happen--music did not play, and does not show up with Search.

Next, I imported new songs in iTunes. Songs play fine in iTunes. But new songs still don't show up in Vox. So I tried "Sync with iTunes library" in Preferences. This process takes MANY minutes to complete!

What's the simple way to import new music to both Vox and iTunes library?


Hi Aaron,

You can just try to drag-and-drop your songs into VOX, also please try to go to Preferences->Sources and click on "Reload iTunes Library completely"

Please let us know if it helps, looking forward to hearing back from you.


Dropping a file or files onto Vox plays the files immediately in Vox, but does not add the files to the library.

Reloading the iTunes library takes over 15 minutes. Not a good solution.


Same here. No other solution? I loved Vox when got it, but this is a little odd....


When you drag-and-drop a song into VOX you can see a dialog which allows you to choose between adding a song and playing it immediately and just adding it to the playlist.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


I am using Vox 2.4.1 on Mac OS. I see no options when I drag an MP3 file onto the Vox icon in the Dock. When I drag an MP3 file onto the Vox player window, I see two options at the top: "Clear & Play" and "Add & Show". I tried both of these options. They both left my MP3 file where it was, on my Desktop.

Is the idea behind Vox that you have to serve as your own librarian?


Please try to install the latest version 2.5 with the following link:

And let us know how it goes this time.


Before I install 2.5, can I clear out all traces of 2.4 and its database?


Yeah, sure. You can do this with the AppCleaner:


I used AppCleaner to remove 2.4.x, and then installed 2.5 and loaded my iTunes library. Very strange behavior: I cannot enable the EQ, cannot enable Shuffle, and the volume control does not work. Audio is still set for System Default. Play/pause and track skip work ok.


Hi Aaron,

Could you please send us logs that appear when you are experiencing your issue?

Here is the instruction:

  1. Launch Finder>Applications>Utilities Folder>Console. Once it's open, click on "Clear Display".
  2. Try to reproduce the problem with VOX.
  3. When it is done - go back to Console and in the Tray Menu click on "File">Save a Copy As…

After that - send us a .log file that you have got, so we could analyze it.


Log attached.


Hi Aaron, what's Your operating system version?

  • regarding inoperable volume control: did I get it right: the volume slider is present on VOX window, but sliding it does not change volume while music is playing? does system volume control change the volume of music then? does it play into built-in soundcard when this is happening?


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I am using Mac OS X 10.10.3, with iMac 27" late 2012.

I have attached a camtasia video of Vox 2.5 in operation. Notice that "welcome" windows opens every time I launch Vox.


it's very rare problem connected to OS X Sandbox environment: it looks like VOX is currently not allowed to save it's preferences on Your mac.

May I ask You to follow steps outlined at this link and report results here?:


Yes, that fixed it. Thanks!

Back to original question: I have downloaded new songs. How do I add them to my existing iTunes library and then play in Vox...without having to wait 10-15 minutes for Vox to resynchronize to iTunes?


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Aaron, when You are adding directly to VOX - tracks are available for playback immediately. Just drag them on VOX's playlist or create new collection. It's all easy, Your files are kept intact wherever they are, however, they are available inside VOX.

On the other hand, if You want to play them through iTunes library (for example, for consistency of Your existing library), add them to iTunes and refresh VOX iTunes page. That takes time, especially on large iTunes libraries, because of system reasons we have no control over.