Shuffle playback for Library


Most of the music streaming services, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, You Tube Music, etc…have the option to play your library and shuffle the song selection. You also have the option to create specific playlists from your entire library. While Vox is a better and higher resolution music playback system, lack of this feature really makes Vox non-competitive against the others. This really needs to be put towards the top of your development priority list.


I second this. I just signed up for VOX in December and was surprised to find no shuffle features, I consider it a basic functional requirement of any music player. If this feature hasn’t been added by the time my membership comes up for renewal, I will definitely cancel.

And please don’t make the mistake many other players have, trying to be clever with weird algorithms that do things like shuffle in blocks of three or four albums at a time, then shuffling those. Keep it simple and just randomize the entire selection. If we want to shuffle three albums, we’ll select three albums and shuffle them.


I completely agree… please upgrade the way music is loaded into the program, and the way it’s displayed, allow the program be smart with folders

it really needs an upgrade please…