Shuffle by Albums Feature Request


Hi, I just wanted to request this feature, I'd love it if the shuffle all button had a force touch option to shuffle by album.

I prefer Vox for iPhone 10 times better than the current app I use (foobar2000), but I just don't listen on track shuffle and don't like choosing albums manually for my queue.


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out!

I am not 100% sure about the point.
As I've understood, you would like to shuffle albums, but tracks should be placed in queue collected in albums (in the same order as it is on the album list).

Am I right?


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This feature would be extremely helpful for me, too. Sadly, almost no current music player supports it. If Vox had a full-featured URL scheme, we could at least emulate the feature using a Workflow, which is what I did with Apple Music.



Thanks for your suggestion, it was added to our suggestion list!

What do you mean by that?

If Vox had a full-featured URL scheme


A way to programmatically play music inside Vox, by launching specially crafted URLs from another application, such as

With x-callback-url, you could even allow such a Workflow to ask Vox for a list of albums, so the workflow could then process the list and trigger a series of play and queue commands:
com.coppertino.Vox://x-callback-url/getAlbums? x-source=workflow

See the dedicated request I filed.


I asked for this feature many years ago when VOX was first introduced. The lack of Album Shuffle is again a deal killer for me. It is rather a shame because the rest of the features of VOX seem very appealing to me. I guess I’ll check back in a few years.