Show album year



Is there a way to show the album year?



Hi Pablo,

Currently no, it's not possible.

How critical is this for you?


Well, critical is a very strong word.

Lets just say that is one of the small features I miss more about itunes.
I have many albums, and in some cases I have an original album and a later
The year helps keeping everything in order.

And now that I'm using Loop I decided to recheck all the metadata of an
album before uploading using a tool (I read about in your support page)
called kid3.
That way I avoid having missing artwork even though itunes have everything
in order, for example. Having the year easily displayed would help a lot in
this task too.

And finally, is just nice to know the year of an album without having to
google it when you are already listening to it in Vox. Sometimes you just
forget it.


Thanks a lot for your feedback Pablo!

We'll come up with built-in metadata editing feature in future.


A built-in metadata editor would be nice but what I am asking for is just a
way to show the album year.
Vox already uses the year to sort the albums, so why not show it? :)


Still no progress on this subject?


Hi Stan,

This feature has been already implemented in VOX for macOS, but, unfortunately, not in the iOS version of the VOX app, yet.

We really appreciate your efforts to provide us with feedback, as we try to improve our app for our customers on a daily basis.

Please advise how do you see this feature working in the VOX app for iOS?


Thank you for reply. At the moment I’m switching from Apple Music to VOX because I’d like my collection to be untouched by third party. But I get used to iTunes interface: artist, album, year, genre. Also the possibility of simple metadata editing would be of high demand. I’m glad that you are working on that, thanks.