Separating Artists with Tags, Offline download and custom folders suggestions!


Hey to the VOX team, first of all I hope you are all safe in Ukraine!

I have tried the VOX subscription to test out the VOX Universal player with the Vox App on my iPhone.
I ran into some “roadblocks” with features that should exist.

1. Offline downloading and custom library folders -
Making a custom folder on Mac in a HDD/USB and moving it to a Windows PC with Vox Universal works great, it loads everything, but there’s some issues that I think you might fix with that.

First of all is the way that Vox saves the Downloads and only reads them with their own filename change
here’s a picture:


You can see it changed it to “1-BLAST (Extended Mix)” which is probably the “track_number-title”
Which is weird and inconvenient to save it this way if there’s already tags embedded inside the FLAC file…
Because I save my Music Libraries with the full “artist name - title name”, and probably I’m not the only one.


I hope you will fix or add a feature to let Vox Universal read files from custom folders just like that without changing the filename or re-downloading every time.

2. Artist tag Separation.
This is a feature that is not available in most Music players, which uses the separated artists, album artists tags.
If you have for example 2 artists in tags “Artist1; Artist2” it will add a new artist as “Artist1; Artist2” and not separate them.
This should be a feature so we can get each page for each artist by tags separation

In this picture you can see I have added the track “Karate” by “R3HAB & KSHMR”.
Artist tags were “R3HAB\\KSHMR” but only added for the first artist which is “R3HAB”.


You can also see that it will just make a space and not separate the Artists “ZEDD Matthew Koma”
It will be very nice to have them separated and also let me to click on it to send me to each artist page.


If I will try to separate the tags in another way like this for example “W&W; Maurice West” it will create a complete different artist page with both of them together… same with “W&W, Maurice West” tag… same problem with Apple Music (iTunes)…


Another issue is with the custom folders or the Offline library
if I have separated artists with the first way which is “ZEDD\\Matthew Koma” for example it will make a folder for both of them which is annoying for library folders arrangement…

But now you ask yourself, so if they separate the artists now it will probably copy the Downloads to each artist even if its the same song…
So I think you should leave the Original Audio file in the first Artist folder which is “ZEDD” for example than just separate them inside the Vox Libraries without making another copy of the audio file.


I know you are trying a new approach with Cloud saving but don’t forget the Offline users who want to save their files on their computers without always using the Internet in a convenient and arranged way without changing our Music files libraries arrangement just by reading properly the Audio file tags.

I really appreciate your work on creating VOX Universal and the Vox App.
I’m very proud to be a part of the Beta of this incredible new Music player, like for real.
I hope you will take a look at this and really fix/add this features, Thank you.