Select all + delete — I've think I've made a huge mistake :(


I errantly hit Control-A and pressed delete thinking I was in another window. I was actually in macOS mini player on the Vox Cloud tab with hundreds of albums uploaded. None of them are showing up now.

Did it just delete 7.8g of music without confirming first?



Oh no…


Probably, yes.

Regularly such an option will trigger the notification like this:


Unless you selected not to show this warning.


I will reach the tech. team to see what they can do.

As far as I know, there is no such mechanism to revert such changes, only for a single account.

We will see.


Update for anyone reading:

  1. We resolved this in email.
  2. Totally my fault, but Viktor and the team were super helpful and saved quite a bit of it
  3. I had indeed turned off the “Are you sure you want to remove this?” dialog, which is now back on
  4. Things I’ve re-uploaded since will sometimes appear to immediately upload. I think some of the files are still stashed somewhere and the system just needs that attempt on my part to recognize that they’re mine and wire them up accordingly (not complaining; it’s a time saver)