Searching finds no results or takes minutes to return results


Searching for older stuff in my Vox collection takes ridiculous amount of time to return results… When are we expected to have a major update that fixes all these numerous problems, including slow connection to Vox cloud?



Please advise what OS and VOX version are you on?
What type of internet connection do you use? LTE or Wifi?


I am using macOS 10.14.6 and Vox version 3.3.13 (Build 3394.1) – latest?
The internet connection is WiFi, the router I am using is powerful Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 and the speeds are steady 100 mbit/s UL/DL when I check via speedtest.

Mentioned problems make me hesitate to prolong subscription for $150 as suggested by autorenewal email sent to me today.



Thanks for your reply!

One more question, what region are you from? We have our servers in USA and Germany (and Australia).

We are continuously working on improving the backend to improve the connection between the clients and servers.

If your main concern is about the search, I have a piece of good news - we are looking forward to completely re-work this functionality, using the most speedy and modern search engine, instead of the old one, that we are currently using.

Hopefully, it will happen early next year.
Unfortunately, I can`t provide you with a more accurate ETA at the moment.


I am in Latvia, EU, and we have high speed internet here almost everywhere.


Today I opened VOX player and a window popped up that offered me a significant Black Friday discount from $49/year to $29/year or something like that. Where are these prices? When I clicked the link in the Black Friday offer, I landed to my account page, where I am being asked for $131.88/year. What is really going on and how can I prolong my subscription further for the advertised $29/year as part of Black Friday deal?