Search isn't working


Searching for artists/albums/tracks in Vox Cloud isn’t working.


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out!

What are your OS and VOX versions?

What exactly seems not working in search? Please share some more details!


Hexy there, same problem here:

Vox Version: 3.2.1 Build 3210.0, OSX Version: 10.13.4 HighSierra

It looks to me that the index is broken. Any word ore letter i put in to the search tells me “No Results”


Hi there!

Can you share a few screenshots?

Also, did you try to reboot VOX or you OS X device?




You see, the first title shown in the playlist, isn’t found by the search enginge. Strange, isn’t it?

Problem still EXISTS! ( 7.7.18)


Hi there!

Could you please advice where is the track you are looking for stored? Localy or in VOX CLoud?