"Same as System" Audio Output isn't sticking to system default


Here’s my expectation:

When selecting “Same as System”:

  • The audio output should go to default out (this works)
  • When connecting/disconnecting/connecting/disconnecting Bluetooth headpones/airpods, this should stay on Same as System.

It never does… i have to battle it 2-5 times/day to get back to system default. Probably because I connect/disconnect audio output devices a lot. But regardless this should stick to system default.

Anyone else see this behavior?


I have a similar issue. I Run a multi channel audio interface and ALL other apps output “regular stereo tracks” to my dedicated outputs (setup in my mac) but VOX, no… No mattar how I try, VOX sticks to outputs 1 and 2. It does use the selected audio interface outputs, but NOT the system setup output channels (Utilities -> Audio/Midi setup). VOX TECHIES, PLEASE FIX!!