Samba folder



  1. Would it be possible to enable Vox to connect to a shared Samba folder in a home network? Providing the possibility to download it into the Library or just play (stream) FLAC files without having the necessity to pass through the laptop and to copy them to the smartphone with iTunes?
  2. connected to the point above: Would it be possible to pay for that feature with a single payment? Even a high one that makes possible to make the lack of the premium subscription less invasive in the UI please?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
Fabio Petito



Hi, sorry for a late reply, unfortunately, we don’t have this feature in particular, yet, but for now, you could use a workaround with a native File’s app. Connect to your samba server via Files, then just select files you want to add into your library and share it directly to VOX, that should do the trick. Right now, VOX “Share to” feature does not support folders sharing, but we will investigate it in the nearest updates. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll be happy to let you know. Thanks a lot, hope that was helpful.