RIP VOX - The Most Disappointing Customer Service Of All Time


I would urge all to cancel their VOX subscription and seek better options.

You will have no doubt seen my numerous posts outlining issues with basic functions such as UPLOADING MUSIC. VOX support has done nothing but mess me and others around and have done precisely NOTHING since September 2021 to fix this issue. It can be weeks before you even hear back from support and now you can’t even send an email to the support email address.

I logged yet another ticket via the website only for the support team to ask me such a basic question as to what iOS and VOX software I am running. Information I have provided from the start. There is no apology from them or urgency to resolve this issue.

VOX is a sinking ship and I suggest we take our business elsewhere.

Good weekend all.


What’s the alternative though? That’s the issue right now. If you want cloud streaming of a large library, is there another option? I looked at Plex, but I think you have to sync from your library before leaving the house?


I’d rather have no alternative than have to continue using this terrible service.

Support still have not even attempted to address my issue.

PLEX works similar to VOX. Once you’ve uploaded your library you can stream from your phone using the PLEX AMP app. It’s A LOT sleeker looking than VOX and has way more options on how to organise your tracks.


So with Plex Amp, if I’m out of the house, I can stream any music to my phone?


Yeah it works just the same as VOX. Upload and stream anytime. You can download too etc


Interesting, what’s the catch then?

I did have a plex setup years ago, but had issues with it and my NAS/Server, maybe I should give it another shot.


There doesn’t seem to be a catch from what I can see. I’m going to make the jump next month