**resolved** Yet another user unable to restore Radio of previously purchased Vox



I already emailed support re: re-installing Vox on a new laptop and got the response to “restore the purchases”. But there is no “Restore Purchases” button on Radio tab in Settings no matter what I do.

Neither my email is recognized on the website as the one I made the purchase with (I made a purchase on App Store and I have downloaded VOX from there, having been logged in).

Please advise.



If VOX has no “Restore Purchases”, you probably need to delete it and download from AppStore again.


The version yo use, probably, was downloaded from our website. If the Radio was purchased in AppStore, you would need to press the button on the screenshot to contact AppStore and get the VOX Radio feature restored on your device!


The problem is resolved.

However, the reply above is canned and does not work.

What I changed on the 5th time of re-installation:

  • I removed all LittleSnitch rules related to VOX (I initially blocked some analytics collections websites but subsequently re-installed with a completely disabled LittleSnitch which made no difference). I am not sure LittleSnitch is a problem;
  • then, on the installation which was finally successful, I agreed to “login to login to premium account (highly recommended)” during the installation - I declined every single time before. Logging into premium after the installation was not the same so I never saw the “restore purchases” screen - it wen over and over again through “Authorization” screen without any effect.

Regardless, it’s solved, however Support responses are not really helpful.


(p.s. why the reply is canned - I contacted support directly before and got exactly the same response, word for word).



We happy to hear that!

Since you are not sure that LittleSnitch was a problem, then what was it? Some comments on that would be really appreciated!

This information might be useful for other users.

Looking forward to your reply!

P.S. You’ve created multiple threads connected to a single problem, we believe that it is obvious to get similar replies in both threads.

why the reply is canned - I contacted support directly before and got exactly the same response, word for word



Well, the whole idea of my previous post was to share with others affected how to possibly solve it.
I did explain exactly what I did to recover Radio purchases.

Apparently, if you don’t have LittleSnitch - you don’t do the LittleSnitch step.

My steps may or may note help; I don’t want to try to reproduce the problem and confirm the solution. Please pass it along to the dev team; they may figure something out.