[request] Car Play: ability to search



as far as I understand, there’s no search function while being in CarPlay mode. Can this be fixed?



Thanks for your post!

The current version of VOX for CarPlay doesn`t have search functionality, we believe that it is much more convenient to use your mobile device for such a purpose.

However, we try to stay open-minded and if you believe that search functionality is essential for CarPlay, we might consider adding this feature in future updates of VOX for CarPlay!


Actually Apple Music app has search function which is IMHO implemented properly. Do inspire:) Imagine you are at the stop light and trying to find something. Your phone is in your pocket. It looks much more safe to search using Car Play, not the phone. Please have a look how it’s implemented by Apple. First they show the alphabet. Opposite to prefix or full text search right away, it’s very convenient and appreciated step.