Request: Album folders within Artist Folders


I tried Vox Premium a couple of years ago and found it largely favorable, save for a major gap in the UI. I provided my feedback at the time and it was acknowledged by Vox staff, and implied that an enhancement may be made in a future release.

It’s since been a couple of years, and I figured I’d try Vox Premium, once again, to see if the issue has been resolved. It has not. Spoiled by Apple Music/iTunes, apparently, I am…

In Vox, when in Artists view mode, it makes no sense to me why one should see all of the Tracks (Songs) for that given artist rather than Album folders (titles), only, for which you could then select the Album of choice and expand to the track listing, if one so chooses, from there.

As it stands, for any Artists whom one has multiple albums for, you are forced to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll to get through the entire track listing to get to the album of your choosing.

I can’t imagine I would be alone on this feature request. It seems likely that anyone who cares enough about their music, as I do, and who would bother seeking out a High Resolution/Lossless cloud uploadable library service would have large enough music collections, with large enough numbers of albums per artist, that this would be a common problem / lack of efficiency / inconvenience, at best.

The proper flow that I would submit for consideration would be:

  • Artist (folder) --> Album (folder) --> Tracks (individual, per the album).

As it stands, I will let my 1-month subscription expire. This single feature is a deal-breaker considering the volume of my music collection with some artists that having more than 100 albums/releases to their credit.


I’m in total agreement. I would LOVE to see this implemented. And also a view of Genre->Artist->Album->Track view done exactly like you said.

I could see list of genres then click on the genre and see the list of artists click on the artist and see album view and finally click on the album I want to see then the tracks.